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Crail Festival 2024 programme.

Crail Festival is very proud of our collaboration in 2023 with Families First St. Andrews, a dedicated charity that supports children and young people aged 5-16 and their families facing additional needs. This powerful partnership aims to increase awareness and raise crucial funds to further the impactful work of Families First St. Andrews.  This photo shows Crail Festival Secretary Sandra Murdie handing over a cheque to Families First.

Cheque Handover photo.jpg

A few words from Families First.   

We are delighted to have been selected to partner with Crail Festival this year. Not only have they been able to raise an astonishing amount of money for Families First, but they have also been able to raise awareness of our cause.


Without local patronage like this, Families First would not be able to support so many vulnerable children, young people and their families throughout northeast Fife. We will use the money to ensure that our families continue to be supported, continue to feel part of a community and gain new opportunities along the way. If anyone would like to support or volunteer with us, please visit our website for more details:” Morag Coleman.

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