It is with a heavy heart that I have to advise you that the 2021 Crail Festival has been cancelled in its entirety except for the Putting Green which will go ahead.


The Crail Festival committee has been working hard to understand what we would have to have done to be able to run a festival this year and the barriers are just too great. There is a real uncertainty about whether you would be able to run events in July at all and if you can, what the Covid policies and restrictions will be. The likelihood is that the attendance numbers would be greatly reduced and the health and safety requirements would be very onerous. Ultimately we want to run enjoyable, fun and safe events for adults and children and we can't see how we can fulfill that given the current landscape. 

This will mean that the Crail Festival will not have run for the last 2 years which is really disappointing. I assure you that we are already planning for Crail Festival 2022 when we will relaunch the festival in its entirety and we look forward to seeing you all then.

Keep safe 


Alan Ferguson

Chairman, Crail Festival