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Crail Roome Bay Beach

Roomebay Crescent, Crail, Anstruther, UK

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Box Office

0333 666 3366

Crail British Legion Hall


Crail Roome Bay Beach is made up of a sandy upper beach and rock pools at the water’s edge. The Bay is south facing and combines a cove of sand and rock pools, with natural peace and quiet. There is an old disused swimming pool at one end of the beach that is now a haven for wildlife. The sloping grass area and children’s playground provide a lovely backdrop to the beach on the north side.

Access and Accessibility



There are two sets of public toilets, one for men and one for women, located separately.


Visitors can park their cars on the street above Roome Bay, while being mindful of other drivers, especially those who live in Crail. Allow plenty of time to park to avoid any inconvenience.


Roomebay Crescent, Crail, Anstruther, UK

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