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Christine Bovill

Christine Bovill has enjoyed great success at previous Crail Festivals with her hugely popular "Piaf" and "Paris" performances. This new show," The Roaring 20s" which featured at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019, dips in to the repertoire of some of the greats of that remarkable age, like Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Duke Ellington, Richard Rogers, and Josephine Baker. A number of their fabulous, memorable songs like " Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?" and " Ol' Man River" effectively launched the "Great American Songbook". Christine's powerful, inimitable interpretative style captures the heart and soul of these timeless songs so etched in the memory from a very troubled period in the world spanning the end of World War 1 to the Great Depression. A stellar performance is anticipated!

"Old-fashioned genius"  Dillie Keane

"The most astonishing performer"  Nicholas Parsons

"I love her. She sings so beautifully"  Charles Dumont

"Bovill is a great storyteller and she brings the songs to life with terrific panache and dramatic flair." - The Scotsman

“ Something that will stay with you for the rest of your life….I wasn’t prepared for the effect her voice would have on me.” - Sunday Times

 “A sonic combination of dark chocolate and cigarettes” - Bluesbunny

“That voice, which is once heard, never forgotten”

- Metro

“Bovill’s stage presence and voice are exquisite …This is indeed five star entertainment.”

- David Petherick

"Bovill conveys the pathetic nature of the song with few gestures, her voice carrying all before her, its honeyed subtleties wringing pathos from every line. Forget the ululating gymnastics of The X Factor or The Voice, this is how you sell a song"

- Culture Northern Ireland

Saturday, 8th October
Community Hall
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