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Ceramic Workshop for Children - Session 1

Monday, 25th July
10am - 1pm

You will be making pots based on sea urchins; sea anemones; poppy heads and seed pods! You might want to prepare sketches beforehand and bring them with you. Also bring a tennis ball wrapped in tissue paper if you can?


For 8 - 14 years.

Legion Hall

Ceramic Workshop for Children - Session 2

Friday, 29th July
2pm - 5pm

Obvara Firing Session 


 All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


The pots you made on DAY 1 will have been biscuit fired ready for the Obvara firing in the Raku kiln. You will see your pot being taken out of the hot kiln and plunged into a mixture of yeast, sugar and water for a second or two. When it comes out of the Obvara mixture, you will see it change its appearance magically before your eyes! It then goes into a bucket of cold water to cool. When it is cool, you will have a unique, and special, creation to take home.

Kirk Hall - Patio
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